zondag 15 februari 2009

The ol' 78s Return

Pleased as I was with all the love the first mix full of ol' 78s got and seeing there is still so much amazing old cracklin' stuff out there, a return to the mixing of 78s was more than logical. This time a bit more focused on blues, but also some very funny bits for your ears in there. Hope you like it.

The Caretaker – We cannot escape the past
Ruth Etting – Love me or leave me
Ray Noble & his Orchestra - Midnight the stars and you
Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians – It’s easier said than done
Sam Mayo – Things are worse in Russia
Jack Sheedy’s Dixieland Band – Gambler’s Blues
Robert Johnson – 32-20 Blues
Mighty Sparrow – The queen’s canary
Cliff ‘Ukelele Ike’ Edwards – I ain’t got nobody
Unkown Prisoner – Lonesome Blues
Hank Williams – Ramblin’ man (weirdly pitched version)
Bukka White – High fever blues
Fred McDowell – 36-61 Highway
Jean Mpia – Tembele
Rizeli Kemençeci Sadik – Maçka Sarkisi
Alabama Sacred Harp Convention – Sherburne ‘59
Calamity Jane – Row row row your boat

Dust them ol' songs off HERE

Chillage with a bit of strings on

Some lushious, soothing sounds for...Sundays of course. It's got some strings on aswell.

Set fire to flames – I will be true/Reign rebuilder
Max Richter – Harmonium
Set fire to flames –Wild dogs of the thunderbolt/The can not lock me into jail
Kroke – the secrets of the life tree
Serge Gainsbourg – Balade de Melody Nelson
Angelo Badalamenti – Packards Vibration
de portables – supperdubber
Explosions in the sky – Catastrophe and the cure (Four Tet mix)
µ-ziq – Goodbye, goodbye

Listen HERE

zaterdag 7 februari 2009

Messe pour Pierre Henry Mix

A short ode to the weird sounds of Pierre Henry, mostly made out of music concrète bits he produced for Maurice Béjart. For listeners with a high bloodpressure: I strongly advise you to let this one pass you by. For all the others: have a grand ol' freak out!

Les pièces:

Harpe et violon
Reine verte I
Messe pour le temps present I – Jericho rock
Variations pour une porte et un soupir I
Messe pour le temps present III – Prologue
Reine verte II
Rock électronique
Jazz et plaintes
Variations pour une porte et un soupir II
Haut voltage
Reine verte III
Messe pour le temps present II – Teen tonic
Messe pour le temps present IV – Psyché rock
Batterie fugace