maandag 27 oktober 2008

The Glitch is Back (from oscar's Archive)

Dug out the old ones, which they labelled as 'glitch', might as well call it failing electronics, or splutter or whatever, just a collection of great sounds that happen to be great music, feat. some local friends with a good nose for noise, i.e. Ovil Bianca and Köhn.


Ovil Bianca – live at pukkelpop 2001
Fennesz - +47-16-04
Hrvatski –gemini
Autechre – krib
Ovil Bianca – Untitled
Köhn- klörgöhr
Fennesz – rivers of sand
Hafler Trio – one dozen economical stories
Ovil Bianca – the sermon of the mount
Jan Jelinek – Lithiummelodien
Autechre – 902 quarter
Kid 606 – While you were sleeping
Oval – Motif

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The Sofa Crunch

Because it can't be all misery that surrounds us.

Godspeed You Black Emperor – Blaise Baily Finnegan The Third
Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet & Mogwai – Xibalba
Mogwai – Daphne and the brain
Max Richter – Organum
Johnny Greenwood – Prospectors arrive
Angelo Badalamenti – Fred and Renee make love
Alarm will sound – Gwely mernans
Angelo Badalamenti – Rita Walks
Bohren und der Club of Gore – Midnight black earth
John Brion – I’ve got a surprise for you
FFWD – Drone
My Morning Jacket – Sexy librarian
Otis Redding – (Sittin’ on) the dock of the bay

Have a LISTEN, if you please.

Real Horror Show Mix

Turn off the lights...plug in the headphones...have a good night!

scary tracklisting:
Grady’s story
John Carpenter – The shape lurks
John Carpenter – Halloween theme
New rules for Wendy
Sun O))) and Boris – n.l.t.
Venetian Snares – Colorless
Milanese – One eye
Danny’s gone now
Krzysztof Penderecki – Utrenja (Ewengelia)
Brian Eno – Fields of ice
Jack takes control
Krzysztof Penderecki – Als Jakob erwachte
Come play with us Danny
David Lynch and William H. Macy – Welcome to Hollywood Ca. – The ghost of love


donderdag 23 oktober 2008

Soundtrack for space travelling (part 1)

This one is meant purely for all you spacetravellers, to make the long trip to Jupiter and Beyond a little less tiresome. So far it up on the iPod the next time you blast into space!
There are vintage 50s bleeps from scifi cult classic The Forbidden Planet, alongside music and sounds from 2001, Solaris and The day the earth stood still. To be Continued...


The Orb – Perpetual dawn
Jimi Cauty – Space
Louis and Bebe Baron – The landing
Brian Eno – the secret place
Louis and Bebe Baron - An invisible monster approaches
Bernard Herrmann – Klaatu
Gyorgi Ligetti – Atmospheres
Hal 9000 – Daisy
Aphex Twin – Blue Calx
Brian Eno – Deep blue day
Johann Strauss – The Blue Danube
The Orb – O.O.B.E.
Cliff Martinez – Is that what everybody wants
Biosphere – Startoucher
Jupiter and Beyond
Bernard Herrmann - Prelude and outer space
Louis and Bebe Baron- Overture reprise
Richard Strauss – Also sprach Zarathustra


Chillage times are here again

Some deep diggings in the old collection, some dubby moods, droney interludes and jazzy twists.

Hrvatski – Gemini
Dijf Sanders – Babysitter’s zen moment
Ovuca – Treetment
Autechre – Basscad seefeelrmx
Subsurfing – The number readers
FSOL – Smokin Japanese Babe
The Black Dog – Raxmus
Four Tet - Misnomer
Chet Baker – My buddy
Nina Simone – I put a spell on you
Ovil Bianca – Untitled
Mogwai – Tracy
Hrvatski – Freie Zeit
Elliott Smith – Between the bars



Makes you float. An hour of drawn out droney ambient goodness.

Lyndon B. Johnson calling
FFWD – Drone/Hidden
William Basinski – The desintegration loops 2.1
Geir Jenssen – Camp 3: Neighbours on oxygen
GAS - Koenigsforst 6
Richard Wagner – Vorspiel
Seefeel – Me
The Orb – Pluto calling
Tortoise – Find the one (Bundy K. Brown mix)
Autechre – Egg Shell
The Third Eye Foundation – Fear of a wack planet
Mike and Rich – Bu bu bu ba

Sofa Anthems

A fresh selection of easy tunes to enhance the spirit of a lazy lazy Sunday. Disclaimer: might aswell work on any other day of the week, as long as a nice comfy sofa is your best

David Shea – Harmonies
Boards of Canada – Gyropscope
Aphex Twin – SAWII.CD2.4
Boards of Canada – Happy cycling
The Cinematic Orchestra – The Fear theme
Photek – Modus Operandi
Goran Bregovic – Underground tango
Aphex Twin – Nannou
Kim Hiorthoy - Politiska Dikten Återvänder
Francis Lemarque – Playtime Générique musique
Set fire to flames - Kill fatigue frequencies
GAS – Zaubergberg 7
Set fire to flames – Mouths trapped in static

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