woensdag 31 maart 2010

Breaking the Oldies

Back into the swing of things, but this time with a (broken) beat to it. These tunes sample and break down the oldtime tunes in a wide variety of fashions, from broodingly dark jazz to pumping fullblown big band electronic swing. Get on down, jazz people!

Krushed and Sorted – Interlude 1
The Caretaker – A summer romance
Venetian Snares vs Bong-Ra – Senki Dala & Ongyilkos Vasarnap
The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble – Adaptation of the Koto song
Pierre Henry – Harpe et violon
Kid Koala – Drunk trumpet
Krushed and Sorted – Interlude 2
Venetian Snares – This bitter earth
Vorpal – Gymnopedie_v1
The Third Eye Foundation – In Bristol with a pistol (9mm version)
µ-Ziq – Green crumble
Mike and Rich – Reg
Gary Moscheles – Plot thickener
Kaleidoscope Jukebox – Jukebox sock hop
Gary Moscheles – Surprise horn
The Caretaker – Thanks
Gary Moscheles – Goodbye jazz people
(+ a not so hidden surprise track at the end)

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zondag 28 maart 2010

Some good shit in a mix

A beatdriven selection, ideal for when you're out driving, cycling, walking, skating, taking the bus or train or any other form of transport, some new and old favorites thrown together.

Animal Collective – On a highway
Pantha du Prince – Lay in a shimmer
Biosphere – When I leave
Köhn – Goodbye Pluto (mash)
Four Tet – Plastic people
de portables – Flash (replay)
Ovil Bianca – Untitled
'Autechre – See on see' (false)
Pantha du Prince – Behind the stars
Mike Dred - Macrocosm
Advanz vs Gescom – Viral
2562 – Intro

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