zaterdag 18 december 2010

Seasonal greetings

A selection of some deep ambient with strings on ice, preferably listened to with headphones while surrounded by massive heaps of snow. Dedicated to hours of blissfull listening offered by Headphone Commute.

This Mortal Coil – The lacemaker
Max Richter – Iconography
Fennesz – Vacuum
Slowdive – J's Heaven
Thomas K├Âner – Nuuk (night)
Loscil – Endless falls
O Yuki Conjugate – Sunchemical
Biosphere – En-trance
Zoviet France – Mir
Coil – In memory of the truth
Aphex Twin – Grey stripe
Johann Johannsson – Karen byr til engil
Brian Eno – The chill air
Roedilius – Dew climbs
Jonny Greenwood – Mata ai ni kurukarane
Kronos Quartet – Winter was hard (Sallinen)

Listen or download HERE

woensdag 15 december 2010

Pubstep Three

Digging deep into the roots of pubstep this time, slowly passing by electro, grime, ambient house, early rave and finally ending up where we are right now. Hope you enjoy the journey.

Elecktroids – Future tone
FSOL – Lifeforms (path 2)
Plasticman – Camel ride
Burial – Prayer
Mark Van Hoen – Channel of light
Biosphere – Novelty waves
The Orb – U.F. Orb
CJ Bolland – Camargue
Drexciya – Digital tsunami
Commix – Be true (Burial mix)
Mount Kimbie – At least (original mix)
James Blake – Don't you think I do

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Also kindly hosted by PF Radio

zaterdag 11 december 2010

2010 in Sofatunes

It's that time o' year again, but instead of making a list, I've thrown some lovely tunes together, picked from my favorite records of the past year.
So tell me, what were your musical highlights of 2010?

Mount Kimbie – Before I move off (Crooks & lovers)
Gayngs – The gaudy side of town (Relayted)
Sufjan Stevens – I walked (The Age of Adz)
Massive Attack – Paradise circus (Heligoland)
Vampire Weekend – White sky (Contra)
Joy Orbison – So derobe (The shrew would have cushioned the blow)
Caribou – Bowls (Swim)
Pantha du Prince – Satellite sniper (Black noise)
The Third Eye Foundation – If you treat us like terrorists we will become terrorists (The Dark)
Mark Van Hoen – Where is the truth (Where is the truth)
Four Tet – Circling (There is love in you)
Autechre – See on see (Move of ten)
Joanna Newsom – '81 (Have one on me)
Sufjan Stevens – Futile devices (The Age of Adz)

Listen and/or download HERE

zaterdag 4 december 2010

Labradford fly Pan American (Appreciation mix)

Another highly due appreciation/introduction mix, honoring a band that fluently transformed from Labradford into Pan American and created a unique sound that seems to reach for a new definition of silence, touching on minimalist post rock, ambient and hints of dub. A perfect soundtrack for an extremely chilled walk in a snowy landscape.

Labradford – Gratitude (Prazision)
Labradford – El lago (A stable reference)
Pan American – Plains (The river made no sound)
Labradford – Untitled (E luxo so)
Pan American – Skylight (Quiet city)
Labradford – C (Mi media naranja)
Pan American – 2-sided (The river made no sound)
Labradford – Mas (A stable reference)
Labradford – The cipher (Labradford)
Labradford – Pico (Labradford)
LFO – Freeze (Labradford mix)
Pan American – Het Volk (Quiet City)
Pan American – There's always the thrill of just beginning (White bird release)

Listen or download HERE