maandag 27 oktober 2008

The Glitch is Back (from oscar's Archive)

Dug out the old ones, which they labelled as 'glitch', might as well call it failing electronics, or splutter or whatever, just a collection of great sounds that happen to be great music, feat. some local friends with a good nose for noise, i.e. Ovil Bianca and Köhn.


Ovil Bianca – live at pukkelpop 2001
Fennesz - +47-16-04
Hrvatski –gemini
Autechre – krib
Ovil Bianca – Untitled
Köhn- klörgöhr
Fennesz – rivers of sand
Hafler Trio – one dozen economical stories
Ovil Bianca – the sermon of the mount
Jan Jelinek – Lithiummelodien
Autechre – 902 quarter
Kid 606 – While you were sleeping
Oval – Motif

have a listen, or a download, simply click HERE

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