zaterdag 13 juni 2009

A Rather Rude 90s Drum & Bass Mix

Just what is says on the box. Celebrating brooding mid 90s D&B intros, stomping breakbeats and jungle drums and ending with one of my alltime favorite dancetunes, all mixed together rather rudely. Booya!

Featured Bombs:
Photek – Minotaur
Bad Company – Brain scan
Cause 4 Concern - Peepshow
Usual Suspects – Hole punch
Bad Company – Infinity
Andy C & Shimon – Body Rock
Dillinja – Armoured D
DJ SS - Lighter
Source Direct – Yo Bitch
Renegade – Terrorist (Dom& Roland mix)
Bad Company – Nitrous
John B – Up all night
Dom & Roland – Can’t punish me
J Majik – Spaced invaders
Konflict – Messiah
Usual Suspects – Hole punch
Krushed and Sorted – King of the swingers

booyakka, booyakka, Jungle is MASSIVE

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