zaterdag 24 oktober 2009

Old Radio Static Mix

Looks like it's coming from one of those old radios, you're twisting the knob, looking for the sound coming from inbetween the radio stations, the lost static and weird noises you hear can come from anywhere and nowhere.

Godspeed you black emperor - Moya sings
The Caretaker - Emptiness
Ray Noble and his Orchestra - Midnight, the stars and you
William Basinski - Melancholia 2
Joseph Taylor - Sprig o' Thyme
Moondog - Fog on the Hudson
David Lynch and Alan Splet - Stompin' the bug
The Caretaker - Delving into my past
Aphex twin - SAWIICD1.12
Unknown prisoner - What makes a work song leader
Aphex Twin - Untitled drone
Ruth Etting - love me or leave me
Geir Jenssen - Camp 2: World music on the radio
Fennesz - Endless summer
KLF - Elvis on the radio, steel guitar in my soul
David Lynch & Alan Splet - Digah's stomp
Burial - Forgive

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