woensdag 31 maart 2010

Breaking the Oldies

Back into the swing of things, but this time with a (broken) beat to it. These tunes sample and break down the oldtime tunes in a wide variety of fashions, from broodingly dark jazz to pumping fullblown big band electronic swing. Get on down, jazz people!

Krushed and Sorted – Interlude 1
The Caretaker – A summer romance
Venetian Snares vs Bong-Ra – Senki Dala & Ongyilkos Vasarnap
The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble – Adaptation of the Koto song
Pierre Henry – Harpe et violon
Kid Koala – Drunk trumpet
Krushed and Sorted – Interlude 2
Venetian Snares – This bitter earth
Vorpal – Gymnopedie_v1
The Third Eye Foundation – In Bristol with a pistol (9mm version)
ยต-Ziq – Green crumble
Mike and Rich – Reg
Gary Moscheles – Plot thickener
Kaleidoscope Jukebox – Jukebox sock hop
Gary Moscheles – Surprise horn
The Caretaker – Thanks
Gary Moscheles – Goodbye jazz people
(+ a not so hidden surprise track at the end)

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