woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Shitty Summer Rainbow Bonanza (A soundtrack by Acid Barrett, Barton Funk & dj oscar

Remember the summer of 2011? It felt a bit like the summer that wasn't, so we made up our own, and it sounds a little like this.

Boards of Canada – Ready let’s go
Oneothrix Point Never – Terminator lake
Anderegg – Day four
Anderegg – Anomia
Mist – Mist refrain
Es – Sateenkaarisuudelma III
Eric Malmberg – Milda döden hämtar oss alla till slut
Felix Kubin – Hotel Supernova
Combustible Edison – Satan says
Mr. Bungle – Disco volante backstrokin
Pink Floyd – Cirrus minor
Pink Floyd – Alan’s psychedelic breakfast
The Durutti Column – Sketch for summer
Simon Fisher Turner – How blue sky was
Les Baxter – Bom bom + mood tattooed
Yma Sumac – Chuncho
Ronnie Ronalde & Robert Famon’s Orchestra – Birdsong at eventide
The Orb – His immortal logness
Four Tet – I’m on fire (part 2)
To Rococo Rot & I-Sound – From dream to daylight
Harald Sack Ziegler – Gäste der Bar
Riz Ortolani – Love with fun
Kammerflimmer Kollectief – Gammler, Zen + Hohe Berge
Eden Ahbez - Full moon

Download HERE

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