zaterdag 26 november 2011

Twin Peaks Season Three - An ambient ode

Twenty-two years later and Dale Cooper is still locked inside the Black Lodge, the woods are as dark and wonderous as ever, the Double R Diner serves cherry pie and all this time the owls weren’t what they seem. But now, the lonesome fog horn blows and it is happening again…

DJ Shadow – Transmission 3
Palace – Gesundheit
Alan Splet – Ambient fog horn
Talvihorros – Twin Peaks Theme
The Third Eye Foundation – Donald Crowhurst
The Caretaker – Libet’s day
Tesfa Maryam Kidané – Heywèté
Bohren und der Club of Gore – Still am Sresen
Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones – Elle Corridor
Alan Splet – Ambient steamy mechanical throb
Biosphere – Hyperborea
Deaf Center – Thread
Slowdive – Visions of LA
Stars of the Lid – Music for Twin Peaks episode #30 Part I
Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones –La boudoir
Angelo Badalamenti – Love theme farewell
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks theme (alternate version)

Download the episode right HERE
Mixcloud link HERE

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