zondag 30 november 2008

Return of the Son of Sunday Chillage Man

Offering a wide range of extreme chillage tunes to please your ears: ranging from deep ambient to Appalachian folk music, and hosted by Postbocks, yeah!

Neil Morris – The story of Jesse James
Murcof – Cuerpo celeste
Vangelis – Rachels song
Animal Collective – A Mahatee dance
Johann Johannsson – Odi et amo
Cliff Martinez – Don’t blow it
Panda Bear – Search for delicious
Animal Collective – Loch Raven
Lonnie Young, Ed Young & Lonnie Young Jr. – Henduck
Clarence Ashley – The coo-coo bird
Dijf – Contradict people
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Falling

Grab it or listen at Postbocks

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