donderdag 13 november 2008

The Third Eye Foundation Appreciation Mix

A long overdue ode to Matt Elliott and his TTEF moniker under which he used to release a handfull of groundbreaking records during the late 90s. Expect mindblowing breaks, howling ghosts, weird brassband sounds and haunting melodies. Or just rediscover his work!

Tracks (and albums)
Donald Crowhurst (Ghost)
I’ve lost that lovin’ feline (Little Lost Soul)
An even harder shade of dark (You guys kill me)
The stars gone out (Ghost)
The mess we made (Matt Elliott - The mess we made)
Yann Tiersen ‘la dispute’ – 3rd Eye Foundation remix (I poo poo on your juju)
Goddamnit you have to be nice (Little lost soul)
When I dance (I poo poo on your juju)
A galaxy of scars (You guys kill me)
In Bristol with a pistol (You guys kill me)
Donald Crowhurst (Ghost)


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