zaterdag 30 januari 2010

Beauty in melancholy (Ode to 10 jaar Duyster)

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of a radioshow that has been consistantly colouring Sunday nights in a beautiful autumnly brown, this is a Duyster-inspired mix of mostly guitar based, chilled melancholic tunes. Happy birthday Duyster!

Stanley Roper – Impressions of London
Sparklehorse – Good morning spider
Smog – Came blue
Labradford - I
Mogwai – End
Low – The Plan
Nick Drake - Horn
Elliott Smith - Angeles
Mercury Rev – Pick up if you're there
Sparklehorse – Box of stars part 2
Panda Bear – Pony tail
Wio – Boys
Sufjan Stevens – Kaskaskia river
Slowdive – Blue skied 'n clear
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Magma
Explosions in the sky – Welcome, ghosts (Adem mix)
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – Song for Jesse
Aerial M – Dazed and awake
Bonnie Prince Billy – The way

Step into the night HERE

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