zondag 31 januari 2010

Getting to know Locust in 13 easy steps

Back to the old R&S/Apollo label days with a long overdue mix dedicated to the genius that is Mark Van Hoen and his wide range of dark analog ambient, industrial soundscapes, shattering breaks and earstroking melodies.

Tracks (album):
Prospero (Weathered Well)
Surrounder (Playing with time)
We we coincide (Truth is born of arguments)
Pillar (Natural Composite)
Closer than we all thought (Playing with time)
Your selfish ways (Morning light)
No-one in the world (In Order to Dance 6)
Xenophobe (Weathered well)
Truth is born of arguments (Truth is born of arguments)
Penetration (Truth is born of arguments)
Exaggerated depression (Natural composite)
Questioning the start (The warmth inside you)
When tomorrow comes (Playing with time)

Listen or download HERE

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  1. cheers for the mix, i've got all this stuff already but it will be good to hear it like this. by the way there is heaps of rare stuff to download for free on markvanhoen.com