zaterdag 11 december 2010

2010 in Sofatunes

It's that time o' year again, but instead of making a list, I've thrown some lovely tunes together, picked from my favorite records of the past year.
So tell me, what were your musical highlights of 2010?

Mount Kimbie – Before I move off (Crooks & lovers)
Gayngs – The gaudy side of town (Relayted)
Sufjan Stevens – I walked (The Age of Adz)
Massive Attack – Paradise circus (Heligoland)
Vampire Weekend – White sky (Contra)
Joy Orbison – So derobe (The shrew would have cushioned the blow)
Caribou – Bowls (Swim)
Pantha du Prince – Satellite sniper (Black noise)
The Third Eye Foundation – If you treat us like terrorists we will become terrorists (The Dark)
Mark Van Hoen – Where is the truth (Where is the truth)
Four Tet – Circling (There is love in you)
Autechre – See on see (Move of ten)
Joanna Newsom – '81 (Have one on me)
Sufjan Stevens – Futile devices (The Age of Adz)

Listen and/or download HERE

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