zaterdag 4 december 2010

Labradford fly Pan American (Appreciation mix)

Another highly due appreciation/introduction mix, honoring a band that fluently transformed from Labradford into Pan American and created a unique sound that seems to reach for a new definition of silence, touching on minimalist post rock, ambient and hints of dub. A perfect soundtrack for an extremely chilled walk in a snowy landscape.

Labradford – Gratitude (Prazision)
Labradford – El lago (A stable reference)
Pan American – Plains (The river made no sound)
Labradford – Untitled (E luxo so)
Pan American – Skylight (Quiet city)
Labradford – C (Mi media naranja)
Pan American – 2-sided (The river made no sound)
Labradford – Mas (A stable reference)
Labradford – The cipher (Labradford)
Labradford – Pico (Labradford)
LFO – Freeze (Labradford mix)
Pan American – Het Volk (Quiet City)
Pan American – There's always the thrill of just beginning (White bird release)

Listen or download HERE

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