vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Pubstep one, two, three

Since this place can become quite messy sometimes, why not collect the three Pubstep mixes in one post and bring together these easy-to-the-ears-and-hips collections of ideal pre- or afterparty tunes, to either nod your head or shake yourself to.

Part One.

Opening statement featuring pubstep favorites Joy Orbison, Burial, Four Tet, Autechre, AFX, Lab Rat, Pantha du Prince and Caribou.

Part Two.
Slowly digging deeper into the roots of pubstep with Autechre, Ovuca, Boards of Canada, Super Collider, MJ Cole and ยต-Ziq, hand in hand with fresh young lads like James Blake, Mount Kimbie and Pantha du Prince.

Part Three.
Full-on celebration of the early days of pubstep, honoring the heroes, such as FSOL, Mark Van Hoen, Biosphere, The Orb, CJ Bolland, Drexciya and Burial, alongside the new generation.
To be continued.

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