zaterdag 8 januari 2011

Support your local talent

Come get your art-is-anal lo-fi, glitch, drönes, postrock and heartbreaking pop musics right here folks, all locally and Kraakfully grown by local people.

Wio – Go for a walk
de portables – The riddesonofa
Teledroom – 2's
Köhn – One dark night drive
Köhn & de portables – 120 km/u = 120 bpm
Hans Olo – Logitech
Wio – To choose is to lose
de portables – Flash (halfway)
Ovil Bianca – Gravity
Wio – What if you will fail
de portables – Rédaction
Ovil Bianca – Fendt
de portables – Valentine
(surprise track)

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